Zoom Instructions

Zoom is being used for many online calls these days. These instructions are written to help new Zoom users get connected. They apply primarily to users connecting with their computer or laptop.

If you’ve never used Zoom for an online meeting before, it would probably be a good to idea to start connecting a few minutes before your scheduled meeting time. Zoom is very straightforward in that it will prompt you to download and install the software when you click the Zoom meeting link. The link provided by the meeting host will prompt the download of the Zoom app/software if you haven’t used it before. If it’s already installed, or once you have downloaded and installed it (a super quick process), you will then be prompted to go to the meeting using Zoom. Ideally you want to use the Zoom app/software to connect*. This is the best experience with the most options.

Note: If you have low bandwidth/wifi, you may want to mute the audio on your computer and instead call in using your phone. The phone numbers can be retrieved from within the Zoom application on your computer or laptop. Click the arrow next to the microphone icon and choose Switch to Phone Audio… to see the phone numbers along with the Meeting ID, Password, and Participant ID. The various numbers provided help you connect to the right meeting and for Zoom to link your video computer connection with your phone audio connection.

General Tips:

  • Once you get into Zoom, you may need to indicate or switch which camera, speaker and microphone you wish to use. This can be done by looking for the Microphone or Camera icon at the bottom and clicking the small arrow on the upper right of the main icon.
  • A headset can be helpful (better audio clarity for us when you are speaking), but it’s not necessary. You may need to select your headset using the small arrow on the Microphone icon.
  • There is also a Chat in Zoom, so even if you can’t hear anyone or they can’t hear you, you can use the chat to communicate with the host (or everyone) about your audio or video issues. The Chat icon is on the main bottom toolbar. If it’s not showing, you may need to click the More button to see it.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If you think you’ve downloaded Zoom, but nothing has happened, try clicking the original meeting link again. It should then open Zoom for you.
  • If you are having trouble connecting with Zoom, you can try connecting through your web browser as follows (note this only works on desktops and laptops – not mobile devices). To do this:
    • Click the meeting link and then hit Cancel on the first prompt which appears.
    • You should then see some text in your browser window which says “If nothing prompts from browser, click here to launch the meeting”.
    • Click the “click here” link to get prompted again. At this second prompt, also hit Cancel.
    • At this point, some additional text will appear in the browser window that reads “If you cannot download or run the application, join from your browser.” Click that “join from your browser link” to run Zoom through a web browser.
  • If Zoom isn’t happening for you at all or isn’t an option due to your location , the phone numbers will connect you to the call in an audio mode only (contact your host for these if they weren’t provided). You will hear the audio and be able to chime in, but you will not see the other participants (and they won’t see you).

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